Guest Speaker/s June 15th 2021 – The Commercial Hotel, Ballan

Federation University representatives will introduce Work Integrated Learning (WIL).

WIL provides students with work-related education to support and enhance their learning and ensure the graduates are fully prepared for entry into the workforce. It is free for businesses.

Some examples of the types of projects, internships and case studies include research task looking at competitors, increased social media presence, market analysis and forecasting projections, business best practice or a project such as reviewing a business process or manual.

This program provides students with the essential links between theory and practice plus the opportunity to interact with industry and community organisations by completing practical unpaid vocational work placements, undertaking projects, conducting research and reporting on efficiencies your business may benefit from. It is a mandatory requirement that our students complete some form of WIL as part of their undergraduate program, which can occur in the workplace, at University, online or face-to-face (or a combination).

The resource that the student’s time provides is often just what the Host Organisation needs to complete a project or tasks, which would otherwise not be done due to the demands of everyday business.