Ballan Arboretum

Ballan is investing in trees for the future. Our vision for Ballan is to become Australia’s first town within an arboretum

As a small town we wish to engender a theatrical presence of something grander. Our concept is to include an inventory of Ballan’s existing diverse species of trees and to plant purposeful trees in meaningful places over the next ten years.

Deciduous, evergreen and indigenous species will be considered as all build on and extend the rich heritage of existing trees in the township.

The arboretum will encompass beautiful walks, protective habitats, wildlife corridors and environmental programs in an open air-learning environment. The unique concept was the initiate of a group of local residents, supported by the Ballan & District Chamber of Commerce and became a design project investigated by landscape architecture students from RMIT.

We value our trees as assets. We want Ballan residents to own, love and care for what we share in common.

Ballan Aboretum