EV charging stations

Report by Tor Roxburgh
2021-04 Chamber Meeting

Green Dollar Opportunities

The Ballan and District Chamber of Commerce has begun advocating for infrastructure that will help the local economy take advantage of a major green dollar opportunity – tourists driving EVs (electric vehicles).

EVs are expected to reach price parity in Australia by 2023 and currently they have a driving range of between 260km and 400km. As the price barrier falls away, regional towns that offer charging opportunities will attract EV drivers.

Rapid DC chargers give visitors between 20 and 60 minutes’ linger time in towns to shop, walk and eat.

The Chamber wants to ensure that the District’s economy benefits from these green visitors.

In early 2021, the Chamber supported its planning committee to work toward the installation of EV charging stations in Ballan. The Committee’s initial research suggests this infrastructure:

      • Is best located in off-street, publicly own carparks
      • Should be planned and installed in collaboration with local government
      • Can be self-funded or funded through government grants or through philanthropic grants (or a combination thereof)
      • Should be selected via a tender process, and
      • Can represent a cost of between$18K and $35K for each 25-50kW DC charging unit.

Comparable local government areas have partnered with the Central Victorian Greenhouse Alliance to install charging stations. The planning committee has been in touch with the Alliance and has received encouragement and advice. It has received similar support and advice from Moorabool Shire Councillor Paul Tatchell as well as encouragement from local grant-making businesses.

The planning committee is preparing some more detailed costings and hopes to advance this exciting project by working with the Moorabool Shire Council, other levels of government and with local businesses.


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